• 2/12/2014

    Weave Project

    Istanbul Toy Museum is Associated Partner of WEAVE, a European project managed by Explora the Children's Museum of Rome in Italy , Waag Society in The Netherlands  and Association Art Land in Bulgaria.

    http://www.artland-sofia.eu/ http://www.mdbr.it/ http://waag.org/nl

    Weaving Europe: Artefacts, Values & Exchanges - Cycles of cultural events and ateliers to discover Culture and Art through Textiles and Fibre Artefacts in Europe (WEAVE) aims to meet 3-12 years old children, families, schools, teachers, museums operators, University researchers and students, designers, fibre & textile artists to promote the cultural heritage through an innovative and not formal approach, learning by doing activities, hands-on experiences and art performances.

    WEAVE main aim is to offer 3 free events (September – October 2014) about textile art in The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Italy.
    “ZigZag – Textile, fibre and felt: it’s a Smart Child’s play!”

    See http://zigzagproject.eu/

    Key elements the project are the training workshops with teaching packs for teachers, 12 videotutorials, 3 press conferences, a good practice guide and a photo exhibition in which the whole experience of the project is shown to public.

    As Associated Partner, Istanbul Toy Museum will allow a facilitator of its staff member of take part to 3 free access ZigZag events in Amsterdam, Sofia and Rome (September-October 2014) working side by side with Waag Society/Association Art Land/Explora the Children's Museum of Rome staff, international textile artists and art students groups to offer textile workshops to children, families and schools.

    Before the events, our facilitator will take part to an international training meeting in Sofia about textile art and new workshops.

    All these attendances will give us the opportunity - on an international level - to meet people with different skills and from different backgrounds and contexts, exchanging and sharing their competences, know-how and working methods to cooperate to the same project, outputs and aims.

    Our museum can benefit from this experience and effective cultural exchange to increase our skills, expertise and know-how and above all to collect ideas, contents and guidelines to enrich our future offer for families and schools throughout 12 creative workshop whose formats will be developed by WEAVE.

    We will have chance to observe the countries, museum, artists, people, how they react about museum’s workshops and textile art events, how they see the museum in their life and of course their culture.

    The project will be a big chance to know other museums and institutions in Europe to create new partnerships and work to more cultural projects around the Europe.

    Project Duration
    From 1st August 2013 to 31st March 2015

    WEAVE is a project With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.


  • 12/26/2013

    Kübey Hatun is Gathering Children And Toy Museums of Europe!

    My front, my back, my right, my left is a museum!

    On the way to Union of European Children and Toy Museums, the first step is being taken in Turkey!..

    The delegates of children and toy museums of France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Portugal are participating to the meeting that the Istanbul Toy Museum is going to welcome. The directors of Europe Museum Forum (EMF) and Europe Museums Academy (EMA) will accompany to the meeting.

    The main topic of the events –that will be executed under the auspices of Culture and Tourism Ministry- is determined as ‘Rag-Doll’ to emphasize the importance of the value that is reflected to a child’s world by our country’s textile culture. Kübey Hatun who protects expecting women and children and gives them life, is going to be introduced as the symbol of TOYCO meeting which is sponsored by Employers’ Union of Turkish Textile Industry.The ‘Rag-Dolls’ of Kübey Hatun –that were prepared by Fatma Tuncer -are going to be given as gifts to the participant museums.

    The representatives of the museums, who are going to participate to the meetings, will visit Antalya Toy Museum after participating to the events of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in Child Art Museum and the preparatory works of toy museum that is being executed. A great meeting is going to be held in Caddebostan Culture Center, on 19-20 November, in Istanbul, the third city of TOYCO meetings. Among them there are museum representatives including Nurnberg Toy Museum, Paris Toy and Doll Museum, Brussels Toy Museum, Lisbon Toy Museum are going to share their stories, experiences and events on the 2-day meeting under the guidance of Sunay Akın. Academicians and teachers are going to show great interest in the meetings which will be open to the public.

    An exhibition is going to be held with the toys that describe children and toy’s culture which the countries will bring to the historical meeting. The event will be sponsored by Turkish Textile Employers’ Association and will also supported by Faber- Castell, Tadım Nutrition, Kia, Deniz Bank , İş Bank Culture Publications, Kadiköy Municipality and Istanbul Bilgi University.

    For TOYCO meeting Sunay Akın said : ‘the first pieces of museology game which I was playing when I was a child (as a son of a tailor) were stuffs like thimble I took from my father’s shop, hasps, and some country maps I cut from scraps of cloth. Years have passed and the toy museum I owned will be the first to assemble the children and toy museums in Europe. When I told about my dream to Halit Narin during his visit to the museum, he said that they were on our side as textile suppliers and supported this great meeting. How interesting is that the country maps that I cut from scraps of cloth, are being assembled by textile suppliers of Turkey. I would like to thank all the precious firms, especially to the Employers’ Union of Turkish Textile Industry for contributing. First, we will go to Gaziantep with elite guests who came to our country. This time, successful events executed by the museum and preparation studies of the museum will be announced throughout  the world, where the battle news are published and then Zeugma Museum will be visited. Istanbul Toy Museum is going to be visited after the visit to Antalya Toy Museum and I am sure that guests of our countries will appreciate when they see our country’s achievements about children and toy museums in such a short period of time. Everything is for protecting our children’s plays and their dreams. Because, the way to the future of a country passes from those children’s plays of that country.

  • 3/23/2013

    One More Success From Istanbul Toy Museum…

    World’s best museums award ceremony which is held by European Museums Academy (EMA) and Association of Children’s Museums (Hands On! International),took place in the city of Bologna, Italy on March 23.

    The jury consisting of 10 academicians identified the 9 countries as the best in the world as a result of the assessments they made. Istanbul Toy Museum succeeded to move Turkey between the most successful museums that works about children like; Frida & Graz Children Museum from Austria, Berlin Labrynth Children Museum from Germany, London Children Tales Museum from England and Jamtli Museum from Sweden. Istanbul Toy Museum drew attention for being the only toy museum in the finals which the best museums in the world were invited to the award ceremony. Sunay Akın said:”We carried on the sensitivity which we started with Istanbul Toy Museum to Antalya and Gaziantep. We provide these cities to establish toy museums with an interest of local governments through children. We would like to see you in TOYCO meetings that going to be held in these cities and we will be honored if you witness the importance given to world of children and museology by Turkey. We do not perceive the museology just as buildings. After the earthquake in the east of our country, Van, 20 trucks of toys have been sent to the region by the campaign of our museum to reduce the sufferings of those children who live there. We only need children’s dreams for the future which is full of love and peace.”

    Istanbul Toy Museum also drew attention for being the only toy museum in the award ceremony in which Tropen Museum from Holland-the first children museum in Europe- won the big prize.In the ceremony that held in Bologna History Museum, the certificates were given to the finalists by Luxembourg Princess, Sibilla.

    Istanbul Toy Museum succeeded to become one of the finalist museums and represented our country in the competition that was held by European Museums Forum without category distinction, in 2011.

  • 2/6/2013

    Freedom To Junior Fatih Sultan Mehmet!

    Istanbul Became the Capital of Toys…

    European Toy Museums came together in Turkey under the leadership of the Istanbul Toy Museum. Kübey Hatun who protects the children and expecting mothers in Turkish mythology, was chosen as the symbol of the meeting entitled ‘Rag-Doll’

    Gaziantep was the first step of the meeting where 24 museums out of 15 countries participated. The authorities of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality examined the studies of children and toy museums, made suggestions and promised to support them. The delegation including the leading museums among themselves like Zoom Child Museum from Holland, Rome Explora Child Museum, Salzburg Toy Museum, Paris Toy and Doll Museum and Stockholm Toy and Baby Museum participated in the symposium about toy and child on 19-20 November in Istanbul after the visit to Antalya Toy Museum. The participants of experts including Andreja Rihter (The President of European Museums Academy) and Gronka Horjan (the representative of the European Museum Forum) gave out a notice during TOYCO (The Union of European Toy and Children Museums) meeting which was sponsored by Union Employers of Turkish Textile Industry and also supported by Faber Castell, Tadım Nutrition, KIA Automotives, Denizbank, İşbank Culture Publications and Bilgi University.

    At the events performed by Sunay Akın (a poet, writer and the founder of the Istanbul Toy Museum) TOYCO honorary award was given to Halit Kıvanç (the famous announcer), Prof.Dr.Ferhunde Öktem (child psychologist), Gülten Dayıoğlu (writer) Fatoş İlhan (founder of Fatoş Toys) for their contribution to the world of children. Moreover, honorary award was also given to İyigün Öztürk,Gürol Kutlu and Ayhan Doğan for their contribution to the development of museology.

    On the 20th of November, on the World’s Children’s Rights Day which was the last day of meeting, Sunay Akın said: ‘There are Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s drawings -which he has done when he was a child- in the archive of Topkapı Palace. It is not the wars, kingdoms or governments that makes the history worthy but the ‘dreams’. Because of that, I want Fatih’s drawings-which he has done when he was a child-  to be displayed in the exhibition of the museum.’ while commemorating teacher Nakiye who staged a demonstration for the children’s rights for the first time in 1930’s at Taksim Square.

    Andreja Rihter,the president of European Museums Academy said that the 6-day meeting was very successful and added: ‘Sunay Akın is leading the museums of children and toys in your country. He and his team were also awarded by EMA because of achieving great works in a very short time. We’ve seen that there are significant improvements in museology in Turkey. We believed that we would do very good things with the Istanbul Toy Museum in the coming future.’

    The academicians, teachers, students and the public showed great interest for the 2012 symposium of European Children and Toy Museums. The meeting that was held under the auspices of Culture and Tourism Ministry ended with the participation of Minister Ertuğrul Günay and the gala dinner was held by Turkish Textile Employers’ Association in Esma Sultan Mansion.