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    6-10 ages
     Following the Little Black Fish with Sevinç Erbulak… “Little Black Fish” by Samed Behrengi has never been this colorful. A group of theater students will take you to a journey to the endless world of the sea, by the story telling of Sevinç Erbulak. Come, let’s learn together. 
    Every month, we will be travelling in the fairy tales in this event and this event is free for the visitors of the museum. 
    We suggest you make a reservation since our seats are limited.
    Date: Sunday 16th of December
    Time: 11:00- 12:15
    Age group: 6-10 ages
    We take a journey to different cultures by following the toys; learn the difference and the variety of societies with games. We are waiting for curious anthropologists to our workshop to take a journey through the world and investigate the corridors of the museum. 
    You must make a reservation for this workshop that will last approximately 2 hours. 
    Trainer: Pınar Karaatlı, Zeynep Uymur
    Price: 50TL (Museum entrance is included)
    Nasuh Mahruki who is the first Turkish mountain climber to climb Everest Mountain and also the founder member and the president of Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) will be meeting his little followers at the  Istanbul Toy Museum. Our little guests will be learning about mountain climbing, photography, and saving lives. You must call the museum and make a reservation in order to attend this event.  
    Price: This event is free of charge for the museum visitors. Museum attendance is 7 TL for concessions, 10 TL for adults.
    Did you have a collection when you were a child? Napkin, eraser or maybe a toy car… 
    Collection, whether amateur or professional, is a process that can develop the awareness of life perspective for a person.  Collector learns to be patient by developing curiosity and investigation, learns to have a whole looking perspective by observation. 
    Specialist psychologist Nesteren Gazioğlu will meet with the young collection enthusiastic in this “Collection” theme workshop. This workshop will last for four weeks and the attendants will have the chance of starting their first collection. In this workshop there will be team working for social skill developer exercises along with creative thinking exercises. 
    A participation certificate will be given to the attendants after four weeks. 
    You must call the museum and make a reservation to participate this workshop. 
    Trainer: Maltepe University Lecturer Nesteren Gazioğlu
    Date: 5th of August, 12th of August, 19th of August ve 26th of August. 
    Length of the workshop: 40 minutes.
    Price: 300 TL
    7-12 ages
    The only entertaining thing as much as laughing is to make people laugh. We will be experiencing important types of performance arts to explore our bodies, such as pantomime, physical theater, mask using and acrobatics. We are waiting for your registration to have fun while entertaining and to hug the world with our laughter. 
    Our summer workshop will take place on the 12th, 13th and 14th of August by the trainers of Mimistanbul and Mekan34. 
    Calendar and Age 
    Wednesday 12th of August- Thursday 13th of August - Friday 14th of August  
    Time: 11.00-13.00
    Trainer: Mehmet Erbil, Pınar Alev
    Dancing with fairy tales makes you step into dance in an entertaining way by heading you interactively to the world of fairy tales. This workshop will expand the boundaries of your imagination by calling all your five senses simultaneously, make you aware of your body and let you have an amazing journey. 
    You must call the museum and make a reservation to participate this workshop in which you can enter the fairy tale by dancing. 
    Trainer: Nur Niyaz Bildik
    Karagöz lies under the tree in front of his house and falls asleep after having a conversation with Hacivat… In his dream he takes grandfather Karagöz to a meeting with the animals for having a good time in the forest and the adventure begins.
    Writer and Director: Taceddin Diker
    Assistant: Ata Camuz                 
    Music : Gülderen Diker       
    We suggest you make a reservation since our seats are limited.
    Date: Saturday 18th of August 
    Time: 14:00
    Price: 20 TL. (Museum entrance is included).

     Children create their own fairy tales. They write, design costumes, and  they produce their own posters and sceneries. They learn to use the opportunities they have, while making all of these. At the end of this workshop they perform their stories in front of the audiences. Registration has started for the workshop starting on the 9th of March. 

    AGE GROUP: 6-9 ages
    TIME OF THE WORKSHOP: Once a week- This workshop will be taking place on Sundays between 11:00-12:00. It will be a 3 month workshop with each session lasting 1,5 hours. 
    PRICE: 300 TL monthly
    9-12 ages
    Do you know that every existing thing has a rhythm of its own? 
    Just like you breath has a rhythm; everything in the nature has its own, just like toys. 
    We will find the answer for questions such as " What’s rhythm ?" and "How can you relate it to your life?"  with the leadership of Dikmen Seymen who is a ballet artist at Istanbul University Government Opera and Ballet Faculty.
    After this workshop where you meet with rhythm, the participants will learn the alphabet of rhythm, and realize their abilities such as making analysis, coordinating the body, time management, harmony, balance and dreaming. 
    You must call the museum and make a reservation to participate this workshop.
    Trainer: Dikmen Seymen
    Date: Friday 8th of February 
    Time: 14:00-15:30
    Age Group: 9-12 ages
    Price : 40 TL ( Museum entrance is included)
    Come and join our discovery game!
    Children will learn the answers of questions such as “What’s a Fossil?”, “What does it look like?”, “Where can you find one?”, “What do fossils tell us?” during their diggings with Paleontologist Doctor Nuran Filoreau. With their discovery diggings in the sandbox, our little explorers find the fossils, link the past with the present. They both have fun and learn at the same time. 
    Parents who want to make their children love science and exploration must call the museum and make a reservation to participate in this workshop.
    Date:  Sunday 9th of December
    Time: 11:00- 12:00
    Age: 4-9 ages
    Price: 30 TL.  (Museum entrance is included)
    Tempesta quartet from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Government Conservatory students will be at the Istanbul Toy Museum on Saturday 8th of June at 16:00. 
    Istanbul Music Festival is making an innovation this year, young musicians will meet with public in open places. We are waiting for you to explore the stars of the future and also enjoy classical music in the exciting environment of the Istanbul Toy Museum. 
    This event is free. If you want to visit the museum you have to pay an entrance fee. Museum attendance is 7 TL for concessions, 10 TL for adults.
    Toys revive with the “magical toys” workshop…
    In this workshop the children will use the creative drama methods to give life to the toys in museum as magical toys. They will be making new faces with masks, design their costumes, and play games while developing their creativity. 
    You must call the museum and make a reservation to participate this workshop.
    Trainer: Özge Gökbulut
    Date: Saturday 4th of August
    Time: 11:30-13:00
    Age Group: 6-12 yaş
    Price: 30 TL. (Museum entrance is included).
    Photographer Yelda Baler starts her lessons again at the Istanbul Toy Museum after a short break. First of all these classes aim to teach how to photograph the subject you want without making a difference between digital or analog cameras.
    If you want to learn how to take right pictures with the right color and the composition, capture effective shots with an esthetic point of view,  we invite you to our photograph classes. 
    Our Basic Training Photography Lessons will be 8 classes, 6 theoretical and 2 practical. Both practice lessons will be in Istanbul and outdoors. Outdoor practices lasts for 4 hours.
    Day lessons start Thursday 21th of February and will be on Thursdays between 10:30 and 12:30. 
    Night lessons start Tuesday 22th of January and will be on Tuesdays between 19:00 and 21:00
    Price: 300 TL+VAT
    This workshop will be held by “Karma Drama” and will  last for two weeks. In this workshop, children will learn the procedure of making a theatre, how to put on a play, the importance of light and sound; they will prepare all the necessities such as the poster or the customes themselves. At the end, they will perform their play to the audiences. The registration for this workshop has started. Workshop will be held three days a week and will last for two hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

    A Turkish teacher and a Textile Engineer meets in “Creativity Courses” at İstanbul Toy Museum.

    Hüsne and Tules get on the Train of Dreams and start a journey for a year.

    At the end of this journey they make their dreams possible by creating the puppets Gülpembe and Kına. Now their dream is to make children have small dreams in their own big world by telling them stories

    Players: Tules Koçak ,Hüsne Merter

    Price:  25 TL.’dir.(Museum entrance is included.)